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About Me

My name is Steve Prince and I am a proud father of three. I have been serving the mortgage needs of Florida families for over 20 years. My career began back in 1998 when I was hired by World Savings Bank as a Community Loan Representative and trained as Real Estate Appraiser. These 2 positions allowed me to gain a tremendous amount of mortgage and real estate knowledge.

After serving the bank for a few years, it was time for me to move on to another position where I could begin to spread my wings. In 2001, I joined a small mortgage firm in Palm Beach Gardens, FL where I felt I could find the growth I was looking for. Boy, was I right! Within my first year I built a tremendous book of business as well as an entire team that was looking to accomplish what I had built. By 2003, I had reached, what I had thought, was the ceiling.

In 2003, I started my own company. I became the co-founder of Team One Lending, Inc. Our company was recognized as the local Fox News Mortgage Experts. Due to economic conditions, we decided to close the doors of Team One Lending in 2009.

Today, I serve as a Mortgage Loan Specialist with Ideal Lending, LLC, a fantastic and innovative mortgage firm located in West Palm Beach, FL.

Through out my career, I made it a point to tell my self that "I was NOT in the mortgage business, I AM in the Relationship Building Business".  Relationships are everything to me! I work extremely hard to build them and I don't ever want to loose them. I hope to, one day, have the opportunity to earn your trust and build a long lasting friendship. Thanks again for visiting my site. 


​Mortgage Loan Specialist

NMLS# 355013

Steven R. Prince

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